Diana Mayants is a superbly qualified, dedicated, and sympathetic therapist who has guided my return to a bicycle, the tennis court, long walks, and other vigorous activities after spinal surgery, using a graded variety of exercises. I have absolutely no hesitancy about recommending her.

- Dr. Harold Varmus, American Nobel Prize-winning scientist, former Director NIH, former CEO/President MSKCC

What a hidden gem! Diana is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, attentive, conscientious and caring. She provides one-on-one hour long manual physical therapy sessions in a private setting. I had no idea that boutique practices like this exist and find it to be a much more efficient and effective environment than the typical clinic. Diana helped me immensely within a few sessions and I recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy. I’ve recommended her to two contacts who have also been thrilled with the experience and results.

- Miriam Y. Cohen

Dr. Mayants has extraordinary credentials and insights. Her approach is uniquely specific, personal, and wholistic. She not only treated me after hip replacement but addressed other issues that needed therapeutic attention. They don’t come any better!

- Anna Rabinowitz

Diana is very knowledgeable and cares about her patients. I came back from a camping trip and my left hip locked with a severe stiffness and pain in my left leg. I was in so much pain and was desperate to find an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist. No one was able take me in right away and a friend recommended Diane who is an Ortho physical therapist- the best of both worlds. I came in for my first visit walking with a cane from my pain. After having 4 sessions with her, I was completed cured! I continued to go to her to make sure I was 100% and she helped me to get there. She is so calm, so caring, gentle and genuinely wanted to help me get better. She was out of pocket for me, but worth every penny! So happy she opened a local office in Livingston making it easy to schedule sessions with her.

- Nisha Varma

Diana is professional, knowledgeable and extremely capable. She fits a great deal of therapy during the time allotted, giving great personal care. I have gone back to her time and time again with various orthopedic issues. She is a delight!

- Valerie Ireland

I received full professional attention and hands-on treatment in a warm, supportive and comfortable setting. Never before have I had the sense that a physical therapist can actually SEE with her hands. The exercises assigned were extremely beneficial and I felt the benefit in no time. I highly recommend Diana who is talented, knowledgable and very kind.

- Ofra Bloch

Pain free – what better recommendation can I provide? Dr Diana Mayants has managed to create therapeutic regimes including manipulation and exercises – supervised and unsupervised that have managed to resolve 2 frozen shoulders (left and right at separate times) and a 20+ year post ACL op left knee pain. She has helped me to push off a full knee replacement for the foreseeable future and improved my gait. I am in maintenance mode, but know at the first sign of pain returning that I can call and get an appointment to put me back on track. Highly recommend this consummate and knowledgeable professional.

- Elizabeth Morris

Diana is fantastic to work with. Incredibly detailed and knowledgeable. This is what PT should be if you want to make progress with your injuries.

- Jay Cohen

I had never been to physical therapy before, but back pain brought me down late in my second pregnancy and I ended up at Diana’s door feeling desperate. She is friendly but professional and extremely good at her job, and got me back to a happily functional state in no time (even before I got that baby out of there). I will continue to see her for tune ups and when anything flares up!

- Pamela J. Hobart

I came to see Diana at the recommendation of my long term pain medicine physician at Weill Cornell. He suggested that she would be the ideal person to help me deal with my lower back pain due to herniated discs.  She has been terrific in helping me to strengthen my core and develop a stretching and exercise regimen to relieve my symptoms. Her approach is both knowledgeable and caring and reflects her professional  understanding of how the body interacts with pain. 

- Carla Slocum-Friedman

Diana is wonderful.  She is the best therapist I’ve every worked with.  I had many problem areas after surgery, and her treatement was focused and personal.   Highly recommended! 

- Giovanna Melchiorre

Diana is the best! I had tried PT before with other practitioners to treat back pain and had disappointing results. Now, after several months of Zoom sessions with Diana, my back is so much stronger that the pain is gone. Really, She knew exactly the right strengthening exercises to address my condition. And when a new problem arises, she knows how to relieve the pain. I would never use another physical therapist.

- Steve G

Diana did a really thorough evaluation of my arthritic body and immediately saw ways that my pain could be relieved, my posture improved, and my gait returned to normal.  She also provided me with written exercises to use at home. Once we were all quarantined, Diana continued her work with me on- line. To my surprise, that is working. With her guidance, I’ve been able to improve my posture and increase my strength. She is thoughtful, professional, gentle and kind. 

- Rita Silverman

I can’t speak highly enough about Diana and her practice! She is a true professional who cares deeply about her patients. I came to her with a long standing cervical spine injury, she quickly identified the problem, and worked with me to help identify strengthening exercises and techniques to decrease the long standing pain. She took it a step further helping me develop an at home exercise program. When I got strong enough she generously offered to speak to my personal trainer to discuss exercises she felt would be most beneficial for my continued recovery. I can’t recommend Diana enough! If you are thinking about signing up for physical therapy, stop thinking and reach out to Diana!

- Jennifer Riedel

Diana is an incredible practitioner.  She does a very thorough examination and handles you with  the utmost care and concern.  Every visit I’ve had with her she has been able to pinpoint my issues and work through them.  She was also able to help me remotely and easily gave me suggestions to correct my imbalance in my hips.  She is the best! 

- Jackie Mazzarella

Diana is amazing to work with! She is thorough in evaluating and diagnosing the source of any discomfort or pain. She helped me regain my strength and mobility after childbirth through gentle but effective exercises and stretches. Her warmth, patience, and dedication to her patients makes her a dream to work with. 

- Karen Chan

Diana is an excellent physical therapist who can work wonders in helping you regain your strength and mobility. She is caring, knowledgeable and is always willing to share her ideas and thoughts as treatment progresses. I am thrilled with the results and thankful for her care and treatment. 

- Ralph Slepian

I am grateful I was finally referred to Diana after two years of recurring lower back pain.  Her initial diagnostic evaluation was extremely thorough and professional.  She took the time to singularly focus on my symptoms and zeroed in on the issue.  Diana came up with a treatment plan that was reasonable and doable, but more importantly, it was effective.  I would recommend her without reservation.

- Jeff Harmatz

Diana’s the best!  She worked with me 1:1 and packed what seemed like several sessions-worth of (magical) hands-on treatment into each visit–I left every appointment feeling better than I did when I arrived!  She was genuine and earnest.  When she said she was going to follow up after a session with supplemental info she always did so.  And, when I reached out between appointments she responded right away.  I recommend Diana and everyone at OrthoPro wholeheartedly.

- Shawn

Diana is completely dedicated to keeping my old body at peak performance.  (chronic lower back pain, immobile shoulders, neck pain from a fall)  I was beginning to accept that I would have one pain or another from these various injuries. Diana identified the source problems (because she really knows her stuff) and she is doing the hard work while giving me great stretches and exercises to work on in between.  I couldn’t be happier with the long term results or how I feel after a session with her.

- JJ Winter

I have dealt with pain and limited mobility for the majority of my life from a high school lacrosse injury. As I’ve gotten older I would bemoan the start of every winter as it meant trouble walking to work and difficulty doing my normal routine at the gym etc….When I was referred to Diana from my pain management doctor, I was expecting routine PT sessions with limited upside. I was very wrong. Not only was Diana excellent at helping increase my flexibility and eliminating my tightness/pain, she also took the time to explain her methods and how my hips, neck and shoulders are interconnected and working overtime to compensate for my injury. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for physical therapy.

- Eric Joseph Grimaldi

I was suffering from neck pain radiating to my right arm that affected my daily activities and work duties. I was referred to Diana by one of Pain management physicians, and I was not disappointed .

Diana took her time and navigated the cessions according to my progress, and adjusted the exercises and her techniques to hasten my recovery.

she has great bedside manner, the office is super clean and I could not be any happier with my experience.

- Amy Shayeb

Following spinal surgery I was referred to Dr. Diana Mayants for treatment of the muscles of my neck and upper back. At my first session I was experiencing significant stiffness of my neck and tightness of the muscles across my shoulders and back. Over the course of several sessions my condition majorly improved Diana has been a great help in my recovery. Her knowledge, compassion and professionalism has been greatly appreciated.

- Lawrence Trancredi

I rarely write reviews, but I’d like to share my experience with Orthopro and Diana Mayants.

I am a senior who has been to many physical therapy locations, without success. Luckily I was directed to Orthopro. The exercises, concern, and knowledge of the muscles of my body have changed the way I view physical therapy. I’m inspired to do what it takes to get into shape and stay in shape. I exercise every day and in these uncertain times see Dr. Mayants once a week via Face Time or Zoom. If anyone reads this review and you take your body seriously, try Othopro. 

- Robert Berger

I cannot imagine where I will be with my elbow pain without Diana. Nothing helped me to reduce the pain and I started to think that it will be forever.

My close friend advised me to talk to Diana and after listening my symptoms she new exactly about cause of my pain and suggested to make necessary tests to confirm her assessment. She was 100% right  it was pinched nerve in my neck. I started PT with her being very skeptical about total pain free life. I though that it will be just less pain and it will be good enough. But she was very optimistic and really did amazing job with me. I trust her advises her exercises are saved on my screen. All her suggestions were very helpful and effective. I really like my pain free life.

- Marina Rozenshteyn

Diana is a wonderful therapist who helped me tremendously with my back pain during my pregnancy. She is also a great and caring person. I highly recommend her!

- Olivia O

Diane is a true professional in her work………and a pleasure to work with.

Diane has been able to pin point my problems and help in alleviating the problems  i had been experiencing..

anyone who works with her will find a knowledgeable person who intent is

to help with any ailments you may have. – Bernard Feinberg 

Diana is fantastic!! She’s helped me with shoulder issues and recurring ankle and leg pain. She’s great at diagnosing and treating the issue. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Jeffrey M

I’ve had a mysterious back and shoulder pain come up during certain activities and motions for the last 10 years or so. After seeing many physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists over a 5 year span with no improvement, I’d become discouraged. But then Diana was recommended to me and I’m glad I took a chance. She’s incredibly patient and knowledgeable and is the first PT who’s been able to help me feel better. She’s thorough in her assessments and is able to piece giant puzzles of problems together in order to solve them. It takes commitment and diligence to get rid of pain I’ve dealt with for so long, but working with her makes me look forward to the possibility of being pain-freagain. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of PT services!

- Kay D

Diana is truly amazing: caring, knowledgeable, determined. I had fantastic results working with her on both a new issue and even an old, lingering nerve issue. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Lauren R